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Mod: Topiary
11-05-2021, 16:36 3 916
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Mod: Topiary

This is a decorative addition that adds a more realistic look to the leaves. Mod Topiary allows you to decorate your world MCPE with the leaves of all vanilla trees.


There are 3 types of seedlings that you can grow using bone meal. These seedlings do not grow by themselves, as they are modified.

Mod: Topiary

Columnar seedlings

It grows into a tall and thin tree.

Cuboid shrubs

It grows into a small shrub with smooth edges.

Rounded shrubs

It grows into a small bush with less sharp edges.

Thick leaves

To get thick leaves in survival mode, you can use a combination of a block of foliage and bone meal. If it seems to you that there is too much foliage, then you can cut them off with scissors without any problems. And if the leaves seem small, then add more bone meal. There are 3 types of foliage in total:

Supported versions
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