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Mod: INH's Conveyors
21-11-2021, 17:51 16 193
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Mod: INH's Conveyors

Would you like to create an analog of factories or other similar things in the game that require working pipelines to move objects and entities? Then we suggest installing mod , with which new pipeline blocks will appear in the game. They are easy to get in survival mode and can be used to move objects in Minecraft.

In editing the world, enable the experiment functions.

The mod adds the following new blocks:
  • 4 pipelines for mobs
  • 4 conveyor belts for items
  • 8 elevators

Pipelines move objects by 0.3 cubic units (4.8 pixels) every 4 ticks (0.2 seconds)

Mod: INH's Conveyors

Item conveyors have reduced hitboxes, which allows you to move items through the holes in one block.

Block recipes

Conveyor for items (negative X)

Conveyor for items (negative Z)

Conveyor for items (positive X)

Conveyor for items (positive Z)

Mob pipeline (negative X)

Mob pipeline(negative Z)

Mob conveyor (positive X)

Mob conveyor (positive Z)

Lift for mobs (negative X)

Lift for mobs (negative Z)

Lift for mobs (positive X)

Lift for mobs (positive Z)

Elevator for items (negative X)

Elevator for items (negative Z)

Lift for items (positive X)

Elevator for items (positive Z)

An alternative way to get blocks is to use the command '/give @s inhs_conveyors:<block name>'.

In the example below, I created a simple conveyor that simply moves mobs using elevators and conveyors.

You may notice that there are many messages about teleportation. If you don't need it, then use the command '/gamerule sendcommandfeedback false', which will disable the output of all messages when using commands.

Last update: v1.0.2 (November 21, 2021)
What's new?
  • Some changes have been made
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod INH's Conveyors (.mcaddon)

[48.56 Kb] downloads: 3601
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