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Mod: Cave Enhancements
15-01-2021, 00:20 22 794
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Mod: Cave Enhancements

Mod Cave Enhancements will completely update the caves in Minecraft PE by changing their generation, adding new cave biomes, new ores, blocks, weapons, tools and much more!

Now we are all waiting for the release of full-fledged versions with new caves in MCPE 1.17, but if you don't want to wait, you can try out this mod, because with it, even more new content and a variety of caves will appear in the game!

To work correctly, activate all experimental functions. And now let's take a look at the innovations with this mod.

A new generation of caves!

You can immediately notice that the updated caves have become much larger and they are full of interesting surprises that await you on your exciting journey. The new caves are also similar to the caves shown in the upcoming version 1.17.

Mod: Cave Enhancements

Desert caves

You can find these caves in the dungeons of desert biomes. There is a new kind of stone in these caves — sandstone. Also, in these caves, both vanilla ores and new ones will be generated, as well as new types of stones, such as sandy coal ore and sandesite!

Ice caves

Ice caves can be found in tundra caves and snow plains. Be very careful in these caves, as there are icy areas in the ice caves, because of which you can accidentally fall into the lava. These caves also have a block called Slush, which can be used to create secret passages.

Here you can also find both vanilla ores and new ones, and near the surface you can find a blue slippery stone.

Ice caves, though dangerous, are very beautiful!

Jungle Caves

Jungle caves in Minecraft PE are generated in the dungeons of jungle biomes, but keep in mind that these are the slowest caves in this mod due to the more complex generator. Many plants appear in these caves.

Explore the jungle caves with extreme caution!

Caves of the Edge

Have you always thought that the Edge in the game is too boring for research? With this addon, new caves will be generated in the Region, in which new ores can be found.

New structures

This addon will also add new structures to the game (three pieces in total), each of which is unique and very interesting for research!

In the moss caves you can find a mini-dungeon, ores and a miners' hut. Inside this structure you will see how perfect it is as a home and mining station.

Crystal caves are full of crystal blocks and rivers. These structures have mini-dungeons, rivers, geysers and a small library. You will be able to find interesting prey that will help you in the caves. Be careful, because crystal caves can appear with errors.

New ores

Below you can see a screenshot with all the ores in this mod, in the Ordinary world 30 ores are generated, 10 ores in the Cave and 10 ores in the Edge. All of them will be used in the next few updates, and at the moment they are used to create weapons, some of them for picks.

Underwater ores

If you see a glow in the water, then do not be afraid, because these are underwater ores! There are three types of underwater ores available that can be found and used in recipes.


Like the rest of the tools and armor, new weapons can be found in the inventory of the creative mode. Battle axes, swords, hammers and sickles can be obtained from the swords menu. All crafting recipes can be found on the workbench and ingots from new ores are used.


The addon adds 9 picks, since not all ores are used to create them. Each of these picks can be created from certain ore ingots: nickel, copper, hematite, garnet, opal, painite, kyanite, void stone and jade. Kyanite can be found in Nezer and the Region.


So far, only 5 types of armor are available, but new types will appear in the future! At the moment there are ruby, tanzanite, cobalt, copper and emerald armor. Each of them can be created from the appropriate materials.

Cave grass and compressor

In the caves you can find cave grass, when interacting with which it will start to glow for a while!

You can create a new craft Compressor block from iron ingot and cobblestones.

The compressor can compress the cobblestone into one block, as well as turn granite, diorite and andesite into a regular cobblestone.

Realistic torches

When holding a torch in your hand, there was no lighting nearby, but this mod changes everything! Take a torch in your hand to illuminate the territory!


The roots will be generated under the blocks of earth and they can be used to create seedlings, medicinal potions and bone meal.

Cave stone plants

Stone plants in a cave? It's about crystals! They randomly appear in caves and illuminate these dark depths. They serve one purpose - to provide light. The blue crystal was made 2d to look like the future version 1.17. As mentioned earlier, this addition is not a concept 1.17.

Additional realism of caves

New elements, such as stalagmites, have also been added to make the caves look more attractive and pleasant.

Sword in stone

If you're lucky, you'll find a sword in the stone! If you pull out the sword, you will get a power beyond your imagination. And if you break it, you'll get a piece of something interesting.

Apparatuses and craft devices

Foundry equipment can be used to create alloys that: create new blocks, armor and drill! Crafting recipes can be found in Foundry Equipment and workbench. Below is a recipe for crafting the Foundry equipment itself and a recipe for crafting a diamond ingot in it.


This is a recipe for crafting a compressor. More detailed information about the Compressor is described above.


Using this device, you can transform dirt, stone and other underground materials into vital materials such as ore! All recipes can be found in the Centrifuge.

The lite version only works in v1

The lite version of this mod is designed for less productive devices, it has a weaker generation, smaller caves, but has much higher performance.

Known errors
  • On some devices, generation may not work at all (an error of the game itself).
  • If you leave the world and exit, the generation of the world will stop (an error of the game itself).
  • Loading time is too long.
  • Crystals and some plants are hanging in the air.

Last update: January 14, 2021.
What's new?
  • Added new Crystals to the caves;
  • Added a new structure - A Sword in stone;
  • Added a Centrifuge;
  • Fixed a bug with crystals and plants hanging in the air.

Installing the Cave Enhancements mod (.mcpack):

  • Download the mod files marked .mcpack from the links below.
  • Just open the files and the game will install everything you need by itself.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Resource sets.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Parameter sets.
  • Find the add-on and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, have a nice game!

Supported versions
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  1. Крутой862
    Мод крутой, но жаль то что медь конфликтует с медью из ваниллы
  2. Я
    вау мод. скачайте 1. 17.0.56
  3. Eugene chudin
    Нормальный мод, чё вы?
    1. Я
      Ничё шо 1.17 вышла
      1. SolarTheStar
        Ничё шо 1.17 не вышла, когда этот чел писал комент? Да и пещер новых нет 1.17, их перенесли на осень
  4. Zeronx
    Почему все ресурсы можно добыть рукой?
  5. GG_Player
    Полностью не рабочий мод, появляется только надпись в углу экрана (создатель) и не более
    1. Maxim
      А ты включил Экспериментальный игровой процесс?
      1. Эдисон
        А как его включить скажи пж???
        1. Bob post
          В настройках мира, там написано, включи все экспериментальные
  6. DABRIS7
    Хороший мод но у меня почему-то не генерируется руды!И ещё я хочу чтобы вы убрали мёртвые кораллы из пещер ,а также исправили баги,а то не хочется видеть висящюю воду в воздухе.
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