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Mod: Cave Enhancements Rewritten
22-12-2021, 15:03 12 962
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Mod: Cave Enhancements Rewritten

This mod is a completely rewritten and direct continuation of the add-on Pumped caves. With it, a new cave biome, mobs, objects and blocks will appear in Minecraft , making the adventure through the game world more interesting!

In the world settings, enable the experiment functions for the mod to work correctly.

Experiment functions for mod operation

Sticky caves

A new cave biome, which is quite dark and very sticky!

View of sticky caves
Sticky stalactites hanging down

Be careful in this biome and don't fall into the trap!

Trap Block

Dripstone turtle
  • It lives in drip caves
  • Neutral to players
  • Likes to stomp his paws loudly, causing stalagmites from the ground
  • Drop: a lot of experience

View of the cave черепахи

  • It lives in sticky caves
  • Hanging right above the trap
  • Every few minutes, sticky goo drips from it directly onto the trap
  • If a player or any mob falls into a trap, it will be completely stunned.
  • The best way to deal with a sticky is to break the block on which it hangs

Sticky hanging on the block
Lipun fell

  • It lives in lush caves
  • You can feed glowing berries so that he starts breaking random blocks
  • Useful if you want to get to the bottom faster
  • May be covered with moss, use scissors to cut it off

View of the crusher mob

Glow Paste
  • A portable object that can be used to place a light source
  • Number of uses: 24

Shining glue in Minecraft

You can create this item from an iron ingot and a glowing pouch.

Crafting shining glue
Bright candles
  • Original title: Spectacle Candle
  • The number of candles affects the strength of the night vision effect
  • One candle = within a radius of three blocks
  • Two candles = within a radius of five blocks
  • Three candles = within a radius of seven blocks
  • Four candles = within a radius of nine blocks

Very bright candles in Minecraft

Such a candle is created from a thread, honeycomb and a luminous pouch.

Crafting a bright candle
Lighting Anchor
  • A new block that can be found in a special structure in the meadow biome
  • Place the lightning rod over the unit to charge it when lightning strikes
  • Interact with the charged block to create a shock wave and attack all nearby mobs
  • The block can be activated by a red stone

Structure with anchor

When lightning strikes the unit, the texture of the unit will be changed, displaying the charging status.

Charged anchor unit освещения

Amethyst Flute
  • A new item to scare away phantoms
  • Recharge time: 35 seconds
  • Strength: 64

Crafting an Amethyst flute
Amethyst flute in hand
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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