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Mod: Actual Guns
14-11-2020, 13:04 55 831
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Mod: Actual Guns

Mod Actual Guns adds more than 340 new items to Minecraft PE (Bedrock) — pistols, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns and much more! The mod itself was based on the game Counter-Strike Online

Be sure to activate in editing the world Experimental gameplay for the mod to work properly.

Mod: Actual Guns

Some guns have the ability to aim, you just need to sit down to activate.

There are also many different grenades in addon — for example, smoke, gravity, Molotov cocktail and much more.

To get knives, grants, pistols, etc., you must use the command '/function' with one of the following names:
  • getar machines
  • getetc — other
  • getgrenade — grenades
  • getmelee — melee
  • getshotgun — shotguns
  • getpistol — pistols
  • getsniper — sniper rifles
  • getsmg — submachine guns
  • getheavy — machine guns

Usage example:

If you need ammo, then add 'ammo' at the end of the names.

Installing the Actual Guns mod (.mcpack):

  • Download the mod files marked .mcpack from the links below.
  • Open the files (via ES Explorer on Android) and the game will install everything you need by itself.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Resource packs.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Behavior packs.
  • Find the add-on and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, have a nice game!
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