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Mod: What Am I Looking At
25-07-2017, 23:02 42 921
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Mod: What Am I Looking At

Creator: TaQuItO
This mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition is based on the popular mod for the PC version of the game. Using this mod You can easily view information about a block or a mob that will appear in a small window!

How does it work?

After installing the mod, it will be automatically enabled. Just hover over a block or a mob and a tooltip will appear in a small window in which you will see the name of the mob/block, as well as health.

Mod: What Am I Looking At

You can also customize the mod for yourself by entering the command /waila in the chat.

Installing the mod What Am I Looking At (.modpkg):

  • Download the mod file .modpkg from the link below.
  • Open BlockLauncher and go to settings.
  • Select the section ModPE script and click on Add .
  • Find the mod file and click on it to add it.
  • The mod is installed, have a nice game!
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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