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Mod: Iron Man 2
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Mod: Iron Man 2

Mod Iron Man allows you to become an Iron Man in Minecraft. You can use superhero costumes, the ability to fly like Iron Man, and use his weapons. All this you can do in your survival world.

You will need to create a portal for costumes to get weapons and Iron Man costumes.

Portal for costumes
Suit J. Human

To make costumes or weapons, you will need vibranium ingots:

Vibranium ingot

Arc reactor

The arc reactor will allow you to power suits and propulsion gloves, the arc reactor fits into the leg slot.

Arc reactor

Costumes and controls:

Element controls

Engine and airframe

To use the engines to fly, you must have an Iron Man suit in the leg slot, an arc reactor in the leg slot, jump or be in the air and press the squat button.


When using the elytra, it will change its design to an Iron Man glider, you will have unlimited flight, you just need to be careful not to crash, to lower the flight level, press the squat button to deactivate the flight, press the jump button.

Flying over the world



When using a glove, he will be able to shoot a flash of light that will cause too much damage to enemies, this will not require ammunition and they will not be spent as long as you have an arc reactor in the foot slot.


It will include a sight that will increase your view, to use it, press and hold the squat button and get down to the ground. This only works if you have a suit and helmet.


This weapon fires bursts, the shot time is 0.1 seconds, its magazine is 60 bullets, and it only works when the magazine is full and you are wearing an Iron Man suit.

Death of a creeper
Mod: Iron Man 2

To reload, place the minigun ammo in your second hand, when the magazine is empty, you press the button to crouch down and interact.

Rocket glove

With this glove, you can shoot missiles, to launch a rocket you will need a rocket in the second hand. Its explosion power is 4.

Rocket glove

Just like the propeller, glove includes a sight.



It can only be used in the Iron Man Mark 1 suit, it allows you to shoot fire that allows you to burn objects and enemies.

Shield Crafting
Crafting a flamethrower


You can reload the flamethrower when you run out of ammo by holding down the squat button and the interaction button.


Minigun Combat vehicle

It can only be used in a Fighting Machine suit, it fires bursts and has a 300-round magazine.

Combat vehicle

Costumes and features

All costumes made by the costume maker will not be able to use a flamethrower.

Mark 1:
Protection: 10
  • You will not be able to use miniguns
  • Has flamethrower support

Mark 2:
  • Push resistance: 0.3
  • Protection: 12

Mark 3:
  • Push resistance: 0.4
  • Protection: 15

Mark 4:
  • Push resistance: 0.5
  • Protection: 16

Mark 5:
  • Protection: 14
  • You will not be able to use miniguns

Mark 6:
  • Protection: 17

Mark 7:
  • Protection: 18

Mark 1 Combat Vehicle:
  • Protection: 15
  • Has minigun support
Supported versions
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