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20-03-2024, 19:06 12 305

The Minecraft Beta and Preview update. The new update includes a Trial Chambers Exploration Map, improved features for finding friends, minor changes and bug fixes. More details below and on the developers' website.


  • Added Trial Chambers Exploration Map
    • Level up your nearest Cartographer to Journeyman for the opportunity to trade for a Locator Map pointing to a nearby Trial Chamber
  • Add Friends
    • Lists of recommended and suggested friends
    • Improved search to give partial results while you are typing
    • Ability to share your profile information through a QR code or a share link
    • A handy button that copies your Gamertag to the clipboard

Experimental in Minecraft


  • Camera now changes to third person view on death screen
  • The rules for selecting certain Wolf variants when spawned using a Spawn Egg or the “/summon” command have been broadened:
    • Rusty Wolf is now selected in all Jungle biomes, as defined by the biome tag “minecraft:jungle”
    • Spotted Wolf is now selected in all Savanna biomes, as defined by the biome tag “minecraft:savanna”
    • Striped Wolf is now selected in all Badlands biomes, as defined by the biome tag “minecraft:mesa”
  • Players can now see themselves in the ‘Recently Played’ section of Realms Stories, if they have played recently
  • The updated “You Died!” screen is no longer experimental

Changes in Minecraft


  • Wolf Armor now renders correctly when placed in Item Frames
  • Fixed an issue preventing iOS devices from auto-locking and going to sleep when idle after the player leaves any world
  • Holding the jump button while swimming underwater no longer results in a player drowning while appearing to be swimming at water’s surface
  • Holding the jump button while swimming horizontally (not upwards) at or near water’s surface will keep the player swimming at the surface at a height where breathing is possible
  • Armadillos no longer rotate to look at the player shortly after rolling up
  • Wolf variants spawned using the “/summon” command can now be tamed
  • Guest users in split-screen multiplayer will no longer trigger Realm Events
  • Fixed an issue where enabling Realms Stories required a restart (Preview Only)
  • Fixed the new “You Died!” screen to be available when the Education Edition toggle is enabled

Fixes in Minecraft

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