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Minecraft PE Beta
11-01-2022, 21:34 34 066
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Minecraft PE Beta

The next beta version of Minecraft for Android, Windows and Xbox has been released. The developers have fixed some bugs and made changes.

Frogs in a boat

Experimental Features
  • Frogs no longer eat Goats

Features and Bug Fixes
  • Cocoa Pods placed on chunk borders don't break anymore upon reloading the World
    Structure Block structures now correctly transform (rotate and/or mirror) multiface blocks (e.g. Glow Lichen)
    Fixed Observer block retaining its lit state while in the inventory if destroyed while blinking
    Fixed a bug where Paintings could overlap with Glow Item Frames, Signs, Banners, and Torches
    Pillager Outposts now spawn the correct number of Pillagers and Golems
    Boats will no longer disappear when getting out of them after a long ride
    Boat oars now have the same color as the Boat
    Untamed Cats can now be leashed
    Guardians and Elder Guardians no longer sink while targeting an enemy or the player
    The Construction tab on the inventory screen now has the correct color when using Pocket UI
    Fixed an issue with missing Inventory slots when using Pocket UI
    Fixed an issue with blank inventory slots in the creative inventory, which could cause interaction issues in the world
    Chests and Monster Spawners now spawn correctly in structures
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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