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Minecraft PE 1.14

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Minecraft PE 1.14
The first test version of Minecraft Bedrock (PE) 1.14 was released back in October and finally the developers have completed the development of the update, releasing the full version for all current platforms!

Bee nest and bee hive

You can find a hive by chance in the world. Bees use it as a shelter and put all the accumulated honey into it.

Wild Hive in Minecraft 1.14

Remember that without the silk touch charm, you will simply break the hive if you try to get a block. But don't worry, because you can create it yourself from six boards and three honeycombs!

Your hive in Minecraft 1.14

Wild and ordinary hives have levels of honey occupancy. The maximum level is the fifth. At the fifth level of the block, you can get honey from the hive.

It's easy to determine if a block has a fifth level, you just need to pay attention to its texture. The honey-filled block has a texture with flowing honey.

Beehive with honey in Minecraft 1.14


They are neutral mobs and constantly collect nectar from flowers.

Minecraft PE 1.14

If you start attacking a bee, then everyone else will defend it. Remember, a bee strike will put a poisoning effect on you, and the bee itself will die after some time.


Use scissors on honey-filled beehives to get honey combs.

Honey bottle

From a honey-filled hive, you can get a bottle of honey. To do this, just use a bubble. A bottle of honey restores hunger.

Bottle of honey in Minecraft PE 1.14

In addition, the bottle is used to create sugar or a block of honey.

Honey block

A block of honey is similar to a block of slime, but differs in its stickiness, gluing all creatures to itself.

Honeycomb block

Just a beautiful honey block.

Screenshot of the honeycomb block in Minecraft 1.14

This block can be created from four bottles of honey.

Crafting a Block of Honeycombs in Minecraft

Raincoat support

Since version Minecraft Bedrock Beta 1.14, developers have added support for cloaks to the game! So far, only one cloak is available, and you can apply it in the character editor.

We would like to note that raincoats only work with skins from Bedrock store, you cannot use your own skins.

Raincoats in Minecraft Bedrock 1.14

The texture is applied not only to the cloak, but also changes the design of the elytra!

Capes and elytra in Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft Update RELEASE 1.14

Updated: April 15, 2019.
Latest version: v1.14.60
What's new?:
  • Fixed bugs

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.
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