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Texture: Cape Physics
20-12-2021, 16:43 5 452
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Texture: Cape Physics

Capes in Minecraft appeared a long time ago and still they do not have full-fledged physics or more beautiful animation. Now there is a texture pack Cape Physics for this, with which the cape will have a new animation with physics.

This set updates the static animation of the raincoat to a more detailed one, thanks to which a full-fledged physics of the raincoat appeared.

Animation of the cape movement

In the set settings, you can enable or disable the display of shoulder pads. Since this is a set of textures, you can also use it on servers.

Comparison of an ordinary cape and with physics
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download textures Cape Physics (.mcpack)

[74.6 Kb] downloads: 1058
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