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Texture: Better Capes
19-08-2021, 05:28 7 474
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Texture: Better Capes

Agree, there are very few capes in Minecraft and they are not very attractive. Now there is a texture pack Better Capes, with which more than 60 new capes will appear in the game, and you can choose them in the pack settings.

Below you can see examples of raincoats, we recommend you to study the rest yourself!

Minecon 2011

Minecon 2011 cape


Glass cape

Structural void

Structural void cape


Cactus cape


Ghast cape


Xoop cape

Piston (animated)

Animation of the Piston cape

Waterfall (animated)

Animation of the cape in the form of a waterfall


Backpack cape

Tetris (animated)

Tetris cape animation


Ghost cape


Blue cape in Minecraft

You can choose the cape in the pack settings when editing the world or in global resources.

Choosing a cape
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download texture pack Better Capes (.mcpack)

[408.37 Kb] downloads: 1703
Supported versions
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