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PocketInvEditor PRO for Android
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PocketInvEditor PRO for Android

PocketInvEditor is one of the most popular programs for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which allows you to edit inventory and the world. In addition, with the help of this program, you will be able to set yourself infinite health, find out and change the coordinates of the location, edit the spawn point and much more!

Features of PocketInvEditor:

  • Editing a player's inventory
  • Editing the world
  • The ability to recognize the LED of the world and copy it
  • The ability to recognize and change the coordinates of the player
  • Spawn of creatures
  • List of all item IDs and blocks
  • Quick backup of worlds

How to make infinite health?

Go to PocketInvEditor and select the world in which you want to make infinite health. Select the section Change World information:

PocketInvEditor PRO for Android

Find the Infinite Life button and click on it.

Now you will have infinite health in the selected world. You can even make fun of your friends :D
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