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Developers go on vacation and give Gifts!
19-12-2022, 21:56 853
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Developers go on vacation and give Gifts!

This year Minecraft Beta has become the latest test version. Developers are starting to go on New Year's Eve and New Year's holidays.

New test versions of Minecraft will begin to be released already in January 2023. Despite this, the developers have not forgotten about gifts for all players!

Join the celebration!

From December 20 to January 24, look into the in—game Market and get gifts — maps and items for the Character Editor!

There will also be an EPIC sale from December 20 to January 3! Discounts of up to 75% will be waiting for you!

What to expect in 2023?
  • Release 1.19.60
  • First Beta versions 1.20
  • Release of the new Minecraft Legends game

2023 in Minecraft
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  1. Аватарка Admin
    Напоминаем, что уже доступно 7 подарков для получения blobDance

    Шляпа Счастливчика, Куча Мини-Игр, Серные Крылья, Куртка Монстра, Летательный костюм, Дизайнерские очки, Шлем парашютиста, Взрывозащитный костюм

    Получить можно бесплатно (откройте рынок и будет баннер сверху) Amogus
  2. Аватарка гостя
    Мгм,добра а они или гугль дасть хоть последную версию скачай....
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