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Mod: Instant Houses
24-01-2023, 14:34 3 094
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Mod: Instant Houses

If every time you think about what kind of house to build this time, then this addon is for you. Instantly build houses with just one click and you don't have to constantly look for resources to build. The addon adds 6 houses and 2 mansions and lighting blocks.

In creative mode, you will find all the houses and mansions, as well as blocks that will light up your new home.

Mod: Instant Houses

House 1:

Kitchen in the house
Big TV
Spacious dining room
A room with a swimming pool

House 2:

Beautiful at home
Flower on the table
The corridor of the house
Living room
Two large sofas

House 3:

Outdoor swimming pool
Stairs to the second floor
Triple bed
Recreation area

House 4:

Corner house
Wooden floors
Type of kitchen

House 5:

Three-storey house
Large room with table
Kitchen at home
Room with carpet

House 6:

House with two floors
Large kitchen
Wooden table

Mansion 1:

Big mansion
Two beds
Bed with TV
Table with sofa
Large room with ростениями

Mansion 2:

Front view
Side view
The courtyard of the mansion
Table with a flower
Pride Room
Bigger bathroom
Wooden bench

Lighting units:

Lighting units
Crafting a white lamp
Multicolored lamp
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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