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Mod: Honey And Bears
23-01-2023, 13:00 10 721
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Mod: Honey And Bears

Honey and Bears, mod, which will add new things related to honey, new flowers, blocks, food, and animals to your Minecraft world. Now Grizzly bears will live in your world and Toucans will fly.

Grizzly Bear:

Aggressive and strong Grizzly is the most dangerous of all bears. If mobs surround him, the Grizzly will attack them. It reproduces thanks to salmon, honeycombs, a bottle of honey, a large bottle of honey. When killed, salmon and honeycombs fall from it.

Two types of Grisi


Toucan in this addon plays the role of a pet, it can be tamed thanks to seeds. Has 10 lives, flies and appears in the jungle.

Types of toucan

Large bottle of honey

A large bottle of honey is created from empty bottles and honey. Works like food and restores 10 units of food.

Honey bottle

Crystallized honey:

Block of crystallized honey

It is created from bees by cooking in an oven and restores 4 units of nutrition. You can craft a block from it, you will need 9 pieces of crystallized honey.

New flowers

Three new flowers

  • Buttercup
  • Pink clover
  • White clover

New products:

Honey apple

  • Honey Apple: restores 8 hungers
  • Honey beef: restores 12 hungers
  • Honey mutton: restores 10 hungers
  • Honey berries: restores 6 hungers
  • Honey bread: restores 9 hunger

Honey brick:

Honey Brick Block
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download Honey And Bears mod (.mcaddon)
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