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Mod: WhoPlus - Doctor Who
29-12-2022, 22:25 2 820
Biomes / Structures / Mobs
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Mod: WhoPlus - Doctor Who

This mod will be of interest to those players who love the popular Doctor Who universe. It includes a TARDIS, but you can't travel between dimensions on it.

Daleks who will spawn all over the world together with Sontarans and Cybermen. There is a Skaro biome in the addon. It is made by a biome, since Bedrock Edition does not have support for third-party measurements. Fossils and a Caleda bunker are generated in the biome. You can also find Cyber Factories, Dalek ships and Angel crypts.

Doctor Who style menu

Main functions
  • New panorama and name
  • New items
  • New biome
  • New features
  • New structures
  • New sounds and music

Be sure to enable all experimental features, otherwise the addon will not work properly.

There are also Weeping Angels approaching you if you look away from them, and Daleks who just want your suffering.

Grey Dalek
Black Dalek
White-gold Dalek
Cyber Dalek
Copper Dalek
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod (.mcaddon)

[83.22 Mb] downloads: 251
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