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Mod: Total Carnage
22-12-2022, 19:06 49 889
Bosses / Mobs
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Mod: Total Carnage

Mod Total Carnage is aimed at adding 212 new mobs, and new bosses will also appear! All of them are unique and elaborated. Each mob appears in a specific biome.

The mod also adds new structures, items, blocks, weapons and much more!


The most important thing here is that almost new mobs will fight each other! A real massacre!


Before a fight with any boss, you need to prepare well! Take a look at the summary of each boss and think about further battle tactics.

Vained Time
  • Has different attacks
  • Attacks slow down the player
  • Resistant to Fire, Lava, Desiccation, Magic, Falling, and Suffocation (while in the block)

Wasted time

  • Makes quick attacks
  • Immunity to Drowning, Magic, Desiccation, Explosions, Fire, Suffocation, and Freezing
  • Contact with water is fatal for anyone within a 20 block radius

dynamo boss

Goblin Champion
  • Different attacks
  • The damage depends on the equipment of the sword
  • All attacks cause Destruction

Goblin Champion

Moth Mother
  • Attacks in Melee and Ranged combat
  • Takes more damage from Fire and Lava
  • Summons Minions every 15-30 seconds

Queen of Moths

  • Has immunity to Fire
  • Very vulnerable indoors
  • All attacks cause great destruction

blitz boss

  • Causes deadly hunger
  • Resistant to everything
  • Attacks cause hunger for 40 seconds

Dishonest boss

  • Resistance to Suffocation
  • All attacks cause a strong Drop

Sonaga boss

  • Resistance to Fire, Suffocation, Projectiles, and Falling
  • Receives resistance from Water or Rain
  • Takes permanent damage in the Nether

Water Snake boss

  • Resistant to Fire and Discarding
  • Takes heavy Damage from Explosions
  • Damage from Vanilla picks and from the addon increased by 2 times

Gravity boss

Fallen Summoner
  • It has 3 phases
  • The complexity of each depends on the phase
  • Lightning Resistance

Fallen Summoner boss

Discarded Sword
  • It has 2 phases
  • In the second phase, the Boss summons lightning

Discarded sword boss

Obsidian Disaster
  • Heals from Fire
  • Contact with lava makes it a glowing version
  • The glowing version deals 2 times more damage, health increased 4 times

Obsidian Golem boss

  • It has 2 phases
  • In Phase 1, the Boss is motionless
  • strategic measures are required; healers who surround the monster must be destroyed first.

Runimon boss

Polar Tyrant

Polar Tyrant boss

  • It has 3 phases
  • Each phase is stronger than the previous one
  • In phase 1, it causes Nausea and Poisons
  • In phase 2, it causes Nausea II, Poisoning, Weakness and Slowness
  • In phase 3 causes Nausea II, Deadly poison, Weakness, Miner's Haste and Slowness
  • At the last stage, the Boss creates great destruction

Molten boss

Torrid Xeromancer
  • Before the battle, he calls for Healers
  • Creates a Sandstorm for 60 seconds and imposes Slowness
  • Targets surrounding the boss will be destroyed
  • Summoned Minions live for a while

Hot Xeromancer boss

Torch Giant
  • Takes heavy damage from water or rain
  • Gains Resistance and Regeneration when health is below half
  • Damage from Vanilla axes and from the addon has been increased by 2 times
  • All attacks create Fire
  • Resistant to Fire

Giant Torch boss

Grand Hammer
  • The less health the Boss has, the less damage he will take

Big hammer boss

Fossil Titan
  • There is almost no recovery time between attacks
  • Damage from Vanilla picks and from the addon has been increased by 2 times
  • Resistant to Suffocation

Fossil Titan boss

  • It can be of different sizes, depending on the level
  • Each player's death increases the Boss's level
  • Each level adds 4 damage and 1000 health
  • The maximum level is 10
  • Takes a lot of damage from the Void
  • Resistance to everything while eating and roaring
  • All attacks after level 8 cause Destruction and Fatal consequences

Vastatos boss
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