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Mod: Blockz+
19-06-2022, 23:42 3 386
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Mod: Blockz+

Do you lack creativity in Minecraft? Then you need mod Blockz+, in which more than 2000 blocks with 17 different models have been added to expand your creativity. 17 variants with various new models have been added to each vanilla block.



To activate the mod, you need to enable the Capabilities of the creator of the holiday.

How to install


You can get all the variations of the blocks through the stonecutter.

Crafting in stonecutter

New blocks are available in the Creative Mode inventory.

Creative menu

Sit down and tap on the block to rotate it.

Angle changes rotate

Block models
  • Round
  • Corner
  • With tilt
  • Curve
  • Little
  • 1/4
  • 1/2
  • 3/4
  • 3/8
  • 3/8
  • 5/8
  • Arch
  • Triangular
  • Wall
  • Pyramid
  • Column

All block options

Block types
  • All types of wood
  • All kinds of foliage
  • All colors of concrete
  • Sea Lantern
  • From the rolling pin
  • From prismarin
  • All kinds of bricks
  • All kinds of stones
  • Amethyst
  • All colors of wool
  • All colors of glass
  • Copper
  • Ice
  • Earth
  • All toad blocks
  • Purple Blocks
  • Cellular blocks

Examples of blocks

Mod: Blockz+

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Blockz+ (.mcaddon)

[5.91 Mb] downloads: 1540
Supported versions
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  1. Mauy
    Прошу,автор, зделайте мод и на 18,17 версии маенкравта
  2. Vanes
    хороший мод, всё качественно, админу спасибо за то что находит и выкладывает всё.😉👍
  3. Топ мод
    Правда не понимаю зачем там треугольники они только инвент засоряют вместе с блоками под названием Update!
  4. Давид
    Очень туго с хитбоксами.
    Пожалуйста, доработайте.
  5. Vanes
    😳,нет слов...
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