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Mod: Mystical Agriculture
14-06-2022, 13:23 28 696
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Mod: Mystical Agriculture

While someone is leaving for the country, we present to you mod Mystical Agriculture. You will be able to grow and collect fruits from new magical crops and create new resources.

Enable the experiment functions for the add-on to work correctly.

Enabling experiments for the mod


Watering Can
  • Gradually grows any culture with mod or vanilla, it is endless).

Watering can in Minecraft


Prosperity Ore
  • Prosperity Shards used to create magic seeds fall out

Prosperity Ore

Inferium Ore
  • The Inferiumic Essence drops out
  • Basic component for crafting various seeds

Inferium ore

Infusion Altar

Before creating seeds, you need to create an Altar of Influence.

Crafting an altar table

Pedestal (need 8 pieces):

Crafting a pedestal


After creating the Altar of Influence, you can start creating magic seeds.

First of all, you need to create an Infusion crystal.

Craft Infusion crystal

After that, you will be able to upgrade the crystal to essence.

Crafting green essence
Crafting orange essence
Crafting blue Essence

Example of creating seeds:

Sample recipe семени

All the recipes for creating seeds are in the altar table.

A book of magical seeds recipes
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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