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Mod: Ghost Rider
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Mod: Ghost Rider

Do you adore Ghost Rider? Have you watched all the films, do you know his whole story, but is there something else missing? While we are waiting for him to return to the cinema, you can try out the mod Ghost Rider. This addon adds Carter Slade, motorcycles, Fire Horse and much more to the game!

Before using the add-on, enable the experiment functions.

Carter Slade

You can meet Carter Slade in Nether.

Carter Slade in Minecraft

You can buy some new items from the Caretaker - weapons, ammunition and the Racer's head.

Trading with Carter Slade

If you put on the head of a Ghost Rider, you will get incredible powers, like fast running, regeneration and other effects.

Racer's head on the player

Fire Horse

A new horse appearing in the Nether. When moving, it creates particles of fire.

Fire Horse

To control it, you need to equip the horse with a saddle.

A fiery horse with a saddle


There are two motorcycles available, but before creating them, you first need to create spare parts.

Motorcycle Wheel:

Crafting motorcycle wheels

Motorcycle motor:

Crafting a motorcycle motor

Johnny Blaze's Motorcycle:

Crafting a motorcycle

Ghost Rider Motorcycle:

Crafting a Ghostly Motorcycle rider

Motorcycles have incredible speed! At the same time, the Ghost Rider's motorcycle leaves traces of fire!

Two motorcycle racers
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