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Mod: Zombie Apocalypse

14-02-2022, 17:59 147 030
Mod: Zombie Apocalypse
Get ready for a real zombie invasion in your world Minecraft, which will turn into an apocalypse! With mod Zombie Apocalypse, new zombies, their hordes, new items, blocks, structures and features will appear.

In the settings of the world, enable the experiment functions for the correct operation of the add-on.

Enabling experiment functions


This addon also adds a new host system. The first player to connect to the world will become a host (World Host).

When you first connect to the world, all players also receive the following items:
  • Iron armor
  • Chainsaw
  • P250 Pistol
  • Personal menu

The host receives additional items:
  • Host Menu
  • The subject of the fix
  • Shelter
  • Chück Mover


There can only be one shelter in the world, so carefully choose a place to create it. The shelter has supplies, a chest, a workbench and a stove.

Also in it, you will find a friendly merchant Chück, it cannot be destroyed or deleted. Interact with the Highscore Block or Stats Block to view statistics.


In this structure there are many initial items and even a small potato farm on the roof.

The fortress inside
Fortress Room
Fortress outside


This is an old type of shelter, the object of which can be created with birch boards and an iron block. In the recipe book you can see all the new recipes.

Hangar in Minecraft


Use experience levels to buy items.

Store animation

Host menu

This is a special world host item that is used to customize difficulty, music, hordes, and more. If the item doesn't work, then use the fix item.

Host Settings Window

Personal menu

A useful item that allows you to see your stats and study zombies.

Personal menu animation


The chainsaw can't be used with all zombies, but it's still a powerful weapon!

Animation of chainsaw operation

Hordes of zombies
  • Hordes appear in the world randomly
  • They can be disabled in the host menu
  • Hordes do not appear if there is a block above the player
  • Killing each zombie from the horde gives points
  • Score more points to get more experience at the end
  • The invasion lasts about 3 minutes

Zombie horde animation


Use a chicken egg and yellow dye to craft a Duke creation egg. Duke is a merchant and you can get useful resources from him. It is also available in the shelter, so there is no need to craft the item.

Crafting a Merchant's item
Trading Window

Zombie totem

The zombie totem is used to summon a horde of zombies or when creating Boss Johnny's summoning item.

Crafting a zombie totem
Type of zombie totem


Many new blocks from the mod can be crafted using the recipe book to see their crafting. You can use them to create your own base and defend against hordes of zombies.

New blocks in the addon

Tactical shovel

This shovel is created from two sticks and one iron block. It is used to change the angle of a metal fence and destroy new blocks from this mod.

Tactical shovel

Toxic barrel
  • Break, hit or interact with the block to set it on fire and blow it up
  • When the block explodes, it does not destroy the nearest blocks
  • Nearby mobs also get poisoned
  • Enable Loot Dropout from entities so that the barrel can explode

Barrel explosion animation

New zombies

You will be able to meet three new zombies — a miner, a Knight Rider and a zombie cowboy.

New types of zombies in the addon


A new boss whose creation item is created in a workbench made of gold bars and a zombie totem. He summons zombies and uses his chainsaw.

Crafting Johnny's Summoning Item
Johnny's boss with a chainsaw

  • Damage: 32
  • Appears with some chance after the death of his brother Johnny
  • It is not recommended to engage in battle with him without preparation

Zombie Bobby in Minecraft

Last update: February 14, 2022.
What's new?
  • Fixed overcharging on 1.18.10
  • Blocks from the mod break on 1.18.10 due to a bug in the game (vote for the error on the site bugs.mojang.com to fix it faster)

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Zombie Apocalypse (.mcaddon)
[23.8 Mb] downloads: 23888

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