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Mod: Implicit Drinks
28-05-2022, 14:58 6 910
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Mod: Implicit Drinks

The mod Implicit Drinks adds new blocks in the form of various drinks to the game. They can be used as a decoration to create a summer atmosphere in the game.

Enable the experiment functions before using the addon.

If you are playing on version 1.18.1 and above, then additionally install the mod Block-Geo Fixer, otherwise the blocks will not be displayed!

Three drinks in Minecraft

You can get blocks with the command /function name.

Function command for getting drinks

You can also use the command /give @s ip:name to get them.

Give command to get drinks
Supported versions
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  1. Nikita
    На бетах уже исправили блоки с можно уже играть без этих текстур фиксеров хотя кто как...
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