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Mod: Combat Expansion
24-01-2022, 22:53 34 156
Weapons / Mobs / Armor / Ores
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Mod: Combat Expansion

Mod Combat Expansion will definitely appeal to all those who are bored with standard ores, armor and tools along with weapons. This addon adds a lot of new blocks and items to Minecraft, improving the gameplay.

Enable the experiment functions for the mod to work correctly.


Tin ore is generated in large quantities in drip caves.
  • A full set of armor gives protection of 13 units
  • Sword: 5 damage and 200 durability
  • Dagger: 2 damage and 100 durability
  • Tin Ring
  • Raw Tin Block
  • Tin Block
  • Carved Tin Block
  • Tin Ingot
  • Raw tin

Tin ore in Minecraft

Copper and bronze
  • A full set of armor gives protection of 14 units
  • Bronze Sword: 7 damage and 350 durability
  • Copper Sword: 2 damage and 200 durability
  • Bronze Ingot
  • Bronze Nugget
  • Bronze Stick
  • Bronze Spear: 6 damage
  • Bronze hammer: 350 strength
  • Copper hammer: 150 strength

Copper and bronze in Minecraft

  • A full set of armor gives protection of 16 units
  • Sword: 7 damage and 300 durability
  • Dagger: 3 damage and 250 durability
  • Lead Ring
  • Raw lead
  • Lead Block
  • Lead Ingot
  • Improved workbench

Lead ore and items

  • A full set of armor gives protection of 18 units
  • Sword: 10 damage and 500 durability
  • Spear: 12 damage
  • Raw tungsten
  • Tungsten Ingot
  • Tungsten Block
  • Raw Tungsten Block
  • Tungsten ring

Armor and tungsten items

  • A full set of armor gives protection of 17 units
  • Sword: 9 damage and 600 durability
  • Spear: 9 damage
  • Raw silver
  • Silver Ingot
  • Silver Block
  • Raw Silver Block
  • Silver can be used to trade with goblins
  • Silver is generated when in lush caves

Silver ore and items

  • A full set of armor gives protection of 19 units
  • Platinum Sword: 12 damage and 650 durability
  • Platinum Spear: 12 damage
  • Platinum Fragment
  • Platinum Ingot
  • Often generated in birch forests
  • Platinum ingot can be crafted

Platinum Crafting
Armor and platinum items

  • A full set of armor gives protection of 17 units
  • Steel Sword: 9 damage and 450 strength
  • Steel Dagger: 6 damage and 400 durability
  • Steel Spear: 9 damage

Crafting steel
Items and armor made of steel

Mineral sand
  • Generated in the very depths of the world
  • When destroyed, random resources fall out of the block
  • It can only be extracted with an extractor

Mineral sand


An improved shovel, used for the extraction of mineral sand.

Craft Extractor

Rose gold
  • Rose gold armor is better than gold
  • Rose gold armor is created on an improved workbench using gold and copper
  • Piglins do not attack players in such armor
  • With a small chance, piglins appear in rose gold armor

Rose Gold in Minecraft


A new gemstone used to create new items.

Topaz ore in Minecraft

A topaz ring gives the player a saturation effect.

Topaz Ring

The topaz staff can be used for explosions.

Topaz staff


The possibilities of using amethysts have been expanded. For example, you can now create an amethyst ring that gives the effect of night vision.

Amethyst and objects
Amethyst ring

The amethyst staff creates lightning bolts.

Amethyst staff and lightning


The ruby ring gives a regeneration effect.

Ruby ore and items
Ruby ring

The ruby staff ignites an area of 3x3 blocks.

Ruby staff


Emeralds can now be used to create swords and daggers, and new items have been added. The emerald ring gives the effect of resistance.

Emerald ring in Minecraft

The Emerald Staff allows the player to summon iron golems if the player has 10 experience levels.

Emerald staff in hand


Sapphire ore can often be found in icy biomes.

Sapphire ore

A sapphire ring gives the player an absorption effect.

Sapphire ring

The sapphire staff creates blocks of snow.

Sapphire staff

Improved workbench

This workbench is used to improve armor.
  • Gold armor can be upgraded to rose gold armor
  • Iron armor can be upgraded to steel
  • Silver armor can be upgraded to platinum

Improved Workbench interface
Improvement of the steel helmet
Gold Armor Upgrade

The workbench is created as follows:

Crafting an improved верстака


Types of hammers in Minecraft


Crafting a staff
Crafting a staff
Crafting a staff
Crafting a staff
Crafting a staff

Deep skeleton
  • An analogue of a skeleton for deep caves
  • Appears at a negative height
  • Stronger than a normal skeleton
  • Can use a crossbow or a bow
  • Has immunity to lava

View of the deep skeleton

Drowned skeleton
  • Appears in the oceans
  • Uses a bronze spear to attack
  • After death, a spear falls out

View of the drowned skeleton

The walker
  • Appears in deserts
  • Does not burn during the day
  • Imposes a hunger effect during an attack

Type of walking mob

  • Appears in the jungle and taiga
  • Roams in a pack of up to 5 goblins
  • You can trade silver bullion with him

Type of goblin mob

  • Appears in basalt deltas
  • Attacks piglins, players and hoglins
  • Afraid of gold
  • Stronger than piglin

Type of iglin's mob

Frozen zombie
  • Appears in cold biomes
  • Shoots snowballs
  • It dies if it ends up in the water
  • Moving slowly
  • A bucket of loose snow may fall with a small chance

View of a frozen zombie

Stone zombie
  • Appears in drip caves
  • Very strong
  • Has immunity to lava

A kind of stone zombie
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Combat Expansion (.mcaddon)

[5.2 Mb] downloads: 11917
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