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Mod: Crazy Weapons
15-03-2021, 19:16 15 272
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Mod: Crazy Weapons

This is an add-on that adds over 25 new weapons to Minecraft PE. This includes everything from swords to glaves and cannons! Everything is also fully adapted for survival, with crafting, durability and enchantments.

All items in the game:

Mod: Crazy Weapons


Spiked Greatsword - Damage 24, poisonous aura, Desiccation, freezing and Striking Blade II.

Ice Blade - damage 6, freezes the attacked mob (Freeze I).

Honey Sword - damage 6, slows down the attacked mob for 5 seconds.

Stealing Blade - damage 8, replenishes health with each hit.

Poseidon's blade - damage 12, spills and removes water.

Withering Blade - damage 8, puts a Withering effect on all nearby enemies.

Heavy Sword - 12 damage, puts hunger on the owner and slows down his attacks.

Striking Blade - damage 6, Striking Blade effect I.

Enhanced Striking Blade - damage 8, Striking Blade effect ii.

Glave - damage 8, low durability.

Poison Glave - damage 9, poisons all mobs around the attacked mob.

Big Hammer - damage 6, hits mobs on the ground, forcing them to take damage from falling.

Sugar bottle - damage 12, breaks after 1 hit.

Burning rod - damage 3, ignites all mobs around.

Shock rod - damage 3, strikes all nearby mobs with lightning, and gives the owner a Resistance effect.

Crystal Rod - Damage 3, causes Crystal Edge on all mobs around.

Snowball machine - shoots fiery snowballs.

Potato Cannon - shoots fire potatoes.

Fire Cannon - shoots fireballs.

Flamethrower - there is nothing to explain.

Rapid Desiccation Cannon - quickly shoots desiccant skulls.

Fire Desiccant Cannon - shoots blue desiccant skulls.

Powerful bow - high speed of shooting arrows.

A grenade is a regular grenade that explodes the area around it.

Shuriken is a metal weapon with 6 damage.

Bloody zombie is a neutral mob, but still dangerous.

Items needed to create some guns:


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