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Mod: Tridents Plus Addon
6-01-2022, 00:58 7 957
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Mod: Tridents Plus Addon

Looking for new tridents for Minecraft 1.18? Tired of the typical and boring tool? If yes, then try mod Tridents Plus Addon for Minecraft, with which 5 new, unique and functional tridents will appear.

Trident crafting is added in this addon.

Crafting an ordinary trident

TNT trident

A melee or ranged attack will cause damage to the area.

Crafting a dynamite trident

Trident of slime

When attacking from a distance or in close combat, he drops mobs.

Crafting a slime trident

Ice trident

Using a remote attack will freeze nearby mobs for a few seconds.

Crafting an ice Trident

Fire Trident

With a remote attack or hand-to-hand combat, he burns the nearest mobs.

Crafting the Fire Trident

Netherite trident

It works like a normal trident, but does more damage.

Crafting Netherite trident
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    Мод топ ,спасибо большое вам , и Lord Raiyon
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