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Mod: Merry Christmas
30-12-2021, 14:03 7 884
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Mod: Merry Christmas

Mod Merry Christmas will add more winter and Christmas themes to Minecraft. Some vanilla block textures have been updated, special structures and gifts have also been added!

In the settings of the world, enable the experiment functions for the correct operation of the addon.

Required experiment functions


Two gifts are available — red and blue. Break them to get valuable items or blocks.

Type of New Year's gifts
Drop from gifts in Minecraft

Gifts can be created in the workbench.

Crafting a red gift
Crafting a blue gift

New Year textures

Some vanilla block textures have been updated to convey the atmosphere of winter and New Year.

Bone and brick blocks

Winter bone and brick blocks

Iron grating

Iron lattice in the form of a garland


New torch texture

Web (color shimmers)

New web texture


Chests in the form of gifts


Skulls in the form of small gifts

Christmas Zombie

Zombie with hoods


The addition also adds two new structures that can be created by special items.

The first such structure is a New Year's surprise.

Structure with a Christmas tree

Get a special item and use it to create this structure.

Crafting a New Year 's сюрприза

The next structure is the New Year's decor.

Structure with New Year's gifts

The object of the structure is created using a snowball and a bucket of loose snow.

Crafting a New Year's item декора

Santa Costume

The textures of the golden armor have been updated, now you can look like a real Santa!

Santa Costume in Minecraft

Crafting skulls (small gifts)

Crafting a red little gift
Crafting a green little gift
Crafting a pink little gift
Crafting a blue little gift
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Merry Christmas (.mcaddon)

[154.38 Kb] downloads: 2591
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