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Mod: Minecraft, But You Can't Touch Grass
5-10-2021, 20:21 7 597
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Mod: Minecraft, But You Can't Touch Grass

Mod Minecraft, But You Can't Touch Grass will make all the grass in Minecraft deadly for players. Your survival will now be complicated, because you will not be able to walk on blocks of grass. You will have to think over your every step so as not to die and lose all the collected resources.

In the ordinary world, you will appear standing on a block of stone.

Player appeared near леса

This also works in the flat world, but there's almost no point in surviving there.

The player appeared in the superplane мире

It is not necessary to activate the resource set, since it only changes the text of the message about the death of the player to "The player touched the grass" and works only with English.

Chat messages

You will die if you try to walk on the carpet or take a ride on a boat or trolley.

Player is not allowed to ride a boat

Therefore, it is not recommended to use these vehicles for transportation.

Player is not allowed to walk on the carpet

You will not die if you stand on a half-block.

Player is standing on a half-block

Also, it does not affect when the player is sitting on a horse or pig.

Player rides a horse
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  1. Костя
    Класс спасибо большое за это мод 😀😀😀🥰
  2. Ака на автомате
    Разраб я думал ты норм а ты моды делаешь в архивы кто то неумеет распаколывать я тебя всем советовал друзьям а теперь я знаю сайт го*но простите за выражение но сайт для мегамозгов я понял.
    1. Mr.Bat
  3. дёма новиков
    всем привет
  5. кто-то
    сделайте мод майнкрафт, но нельзя касаться зеленого цвета (ну чтобы не только трава была)
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