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Mod: Improvised Boats
15-01-2022, 03:13 19 641
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Mod: Improvised Boats

With mod Improved Boats, you can stop using vanilla boats, because now there will be new types of boats — big and fast. They are well detailed, have animations and are faster than standard ones, thanks to which the seas and oceans in Minecraft can be overcome faster.

In the world settings, enable the experiment functions.

Large boat

The recipe for creating a big boat:

Crafting a large boat

Accommodates up to four players and is much faster than a regular boat.

Big boat in Minecraft

Fast boat

The recipe for creating a fast boat:

Crafting a fast boat

Accommodates only one player, but much faster than conventional boats and large.

Fast boat
Fast boat in Minecraft

Casual boat

The recipe for creating an everyday boat:

Crafting an everyday boat

This boat is faster than a large boat, and is also equipped with a chest.

Type of everyday boat

The boat's inventory has 56 slots.

Everyday boat inventory

Boat with stove

Recipe for creating a boat with a stove:

Craft boats with a stove

This boat has a special function. Interact with it by holding a charcoal block in your hand to speed up cooking twice for one minute.

View of a boat with a stove
View of a boat with a working stove

Boat with chest

Recipe for creating a boat with a chest:

Craft boats with a chest

It is convenient for transporting resources from one point to another.

View of a boat with a chest
Boat inventory with chest


Recipe for creating a sailboat:

Craft sailboat boats

Faster than a regular boat, accommodates up to two mobs.

View of a sailboat in Minecraft

Last update: v4 (January 15, 2022)
What's new?
  • Added a sailboat
  • Updated textures of objects and boats
  • Fixed item names
  • Improved drop system
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
  1. Аватарка гостя
    Мод норм, но почему для Крафта используется только дубовая лодка? Почему нельзя использовать другие лодки из разных древесин?
  2. Аватарка гостя
    Мод нужный для игры с друзьями
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