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Mod: Swamp PLUS
19-10-2021, 03:23 18 153
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Mod: Swamp PLUS

Wait for the exit Minecraft 1.19 is still a long time, but what if you want to try out some of the features from the next update now? We suggest installing mod Swamp PLUS, which will update the swamp biome, as well as add two new swamp biomes, new mobs, items, blocks, structures and much more!

Enable the experiment functions for the mod to work correctly.

Swamp trees

Two new types of trees are available: mangroves (first screenshot) and willows (second screenshot).

Mangrove tree in Minecraft
Willow tree in Minecraft

  • You can create boards, slabs, boats, fences and other blocks from logs
  • Logs can also be sanded with an axe
  • Sticks and corresponding seedlings fall out of the foliage

New types of silt blocks
New types of mangrove blocks

Boats with chests and barrels

Now you can create boats with chests and barrels, having the opportunity to put your resources in them for convenient transportation.

Chested and barreled boats

Use a boat and a barrel or chest to create a new boat.

Craft boats with a chest
Craft boats with a barrel

You can also create a boat from mangrove boards or willow.

Mangrove and willow boat
Crafting a mangrove boat
Crafting a willow boat

  • They live in dirty and ordinary swamps
  • Feed your favorite item to dragonflies, bees, scales or spider eyes to grow
  • They eat bees
  • After death, the dragonfly falls out as an item

Types of dragonflies in Minecraft

  • Passive animals that appear in muddy and ordinary swamps
  • You can feed dragonfly, scaly, algae, kelp and spider eye

Frog view in Minecraft
Objects in the form of dragonflies

Frogs love to jump and you can catch it with a bucket.

Frog in a bucket

After the death of the frog, frog legs fall out, which can be cooked in the oven.

Cooked frog legs
Cooked frog legs on a fire

Frog boots
  • Frogs will lose their skin, which can be used to create new shoes
  • These boots increase your jump
  • You need to enable these boots in the Behavior settings, while jumping potions will be disabled

Frog boots in Minecraft
Frog boots recipe

As already mentioned above, boots need to be enabled in the settings of the Behavior Pack, while jumping potions will be disabled.

Enabling new boots in settings
Turning off new shoes in settings

  • A tadpole appears if you feed two frogs. You can accelerate its growth with seaweed and kelp

The type of tadpole in Minecraft

A tadpole can be caught with a bucket.

Tadpole in a bucket

The Ruined Witch's hut
  • Generated in dirty, ordinary and dead swamps
  • You can find various valuable resources in it
  • You can find a witch's hat, which also sometimes falls from the witch herself

The destroyed hut of the witch and loot

  • New mud blocks can be found in the swamps
  • Mud balls fall out of mud blocks, which can be thrown, causing three damage
  • New Biomes: Dirty and Dead Swamp
  • Muddy swamps are similar to ordinary ones, but contain more vegetation and are covered with mud blocks

View of a muddy swamp

  • Dead swamps are devoid of life. Dead trees grow everywhere, there are no animals, here you can find a ruined witch's hut, fossils
  • The biome is shrouded in a gloomy gray fog, and various monsters appear at night

Dead swamp in Minecraft
Fossils in a dead swamp in Minecraft

New monsters

The swamp monster is found in any swamp biome and causes a blinding effect when attacking.

Swamp monster in Minecraft

A skeleton witch has the same behavior as an ordinary witch.

Skeleton Witch in Minecraft
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Swamp PLUS (.mcaddon)
[8.74 Mb] downloads: 4253
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