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Mod: Loot Blocks
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Mod: Loot Blocks

With the mod Loot Blocks, loot block analogues will appear, which you can create in Minecraft and split them to get random resources. Everything is really very simple, and the value of the drop depends on the quality of the materials of the loot block.

Creation table

To craft new blocks, you need to create a creation table.

Creation table recipe
Wooden box

Wooden box recipe
Cobblestone box

Cobblestone box recipe
Coal box

Coal box recipe
Iron box

Iron box recipe
Golden box

Golden box recipe
Redstone box

Recipe for a red stone box
Lapis lazuli box

Recipe for the lapis lazuli box
Diamond box

Diamond box recipe

Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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    Очень крутой мод
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