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Mod: Villager Agent
12-09-2021, 17:19 13 460
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Mod: Villager Agent

Creator: Ayrtown_Karlos
The inhabitants in Minecraft are not famous for their bravery. As a rule, they just try to escape if they notice monsters near them that want to attack them. Now with mod Villager Agent, villagers will acquire a new image of agents and will attack monsters, defending their villages!

Villagers as agents

They appear in villages together with ordinary villagers .

Villager agent attacks zombies

The Villager agent is armed with a bow and will attack any hostile mob that happens to be in the village.

Villager agent shoots an arrow

He also turns into a zombie if he was killed by this mob, but at the same time he will still hold a bow in his hand. You can cure him with a weakness potion and a golden apple.

Villager is attacked by zombies

  • Nine different colors
  • Appear in villages
  • Tamed by emeralds

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  1. Ленивый
    Зато теперь можно не беспокоится что жители умрут
  2. Херобрин король монстров
    они так себе
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