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Mod: Drowned Villager
4-06-2021, 17:30 2 863
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Mod: Drowned Villager

The mod Drowned Villager adds drowned villagers to your chosen worlds MCPE. This is a small addition that diversifies the survival process.

Mod: Drowned Villager

How do drowned villagers appear?

They very rarely appear underwater, the probability is 95% for ordinary drowned people and only 5% chance for drowned villagers. They will also spawn after a zombie resident drowns, just like a normal zombie who drowns and becomes Drowned. Professions and levels are not preserved after drowning, so they cannot be cured.

Do they behave differently than ordinary Drowned people?

No. Drowned villagers behave exactly the same as ordinary Drowned people. It's designed this way because the villagers of the zombie village act just like zombies, only with the ability to allow you to cure them back into an ordinary villager. However, emeralds rarely fall out of them instead of gold bars, obviously because they are, or rather were, villagers.

Have any other additions or changes been made to this addon?

The only thing that changes this addon is the behavior files for Zombie residents and the rules for the appearance of Drowned People:
  • The author added new variables, which are the same variables from the zombie behavior files, so that zombie Residents can become drowned residents in the same way that zombies turn into drowned people.;
  • The rules for reviving Drowned People were changed so that they could appear with a small chance of becoming ordinary or drowned residents.

Once there was a bustling village here. Now it's cracked and moss-covered ruins. The old, zombified residents seem to still feel a connection to this place…

Ordinary residents are not so friendly when it comes to meeting drowned people.

A drowned villager against a zombie inhabitant.

Drowned residents can glow in the same way as ordinary drowned people.

Seed used in the screenshots: -513070979 (Underwater Fortress near spawn)
  • Coordinates to Mushroom Island — 524, 62, 546;
  • The coordinates of the village are -3735, 65, -232;
  • The coordinates of the underwater ruins are -3635, 53, -164.
Supported versions
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