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Mod: Yamaha RX115
9-09-2021, 03:46 30 632
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Mod: Yamaha RX115

The Yamaha RX115 was produced by the Japanese company Yamaha Motor back in 1981. The motorcycle was equipped with an engine with a volume of 115 cubic centimeters, which allowed it to develop a power of 16 hp at 8,500 rpm, weighed about 94 kilograms. These allowed the RX115 to accelerate to 165 km/h. This mod will add the same motorcycle, and now it will be available in Minecraft!

Motorcycle Colors

The motorcycle is available in one version, but in three colors.


Burgundy motorcycle




Red motorcycle

The main feature is that there is a custom animation when the player is sitting on a motorcycle. It gives more realism.

The player is sitting on a motorcycle

How to get a motorcycle?
  • Transport creation eggs are available in the creative inventory.
  • You can use the /summon command to create a motorcycle.
  • /summon rx115:maroon
  • /summon rx115:white
  • /summon rx115:red
Supported versions
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