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Mod: JOJO Bizarre Adventure
27-08-2021, 01:12 108 925
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Mod: JOJO Bizarre Adventure

The mod JOJO`s Bizarre Adventure is based on the universe of the popular manga and will take you to the incredible adventures of JOJO in the world Minecraft. There will be stands with unique abilities, new structures and a boss!

Stone Ghost Mask
This is a special mask that allows you to turn into a vampire! It cannot be created in a workbench, but it can be found in new ruins.

New ruins in Minecraft

Be careful, because there are traps in the ruins.

A trap in ruins

In the chest you can find valuable loot, as well as a new mask.

Loot in the chest

In the screenshot below you can see what the mask looks like on the player. Wearing it, you will become a vampire and get incredible strength and speed.

Mask on player

At the same time, you will burn in the Sun.

Player is burning in the sun

You can also get stands in survival mode.

Search for stands in Minecraft

In the caves you can find a chest, it's hard to find, but there will be new arrows inside.

Arrows in the chest

Use the arrow to get your own stand.

Stand in Minecraft from JOJO

How to manage the stand?
Tap on the ground to make the stand start attacking.

The stand is attacking

You can also crouch down to attack.

Stand attacks in Minecraft

Sit down and tap on the ground to change the stand mode.

Booth mode
Minecraft Booth mode
Changing the stand mode

Only Crazy Diamond has a treatment mode. In cure mode, you can hit the ground to cure the mobs around you. At the same time, you cannot treat yourself.

Made in Heaven can speed up time and your actions will also be accelerated!

Made in Heaven from jojo

Golden Experience is able to freeze an enemy for 1 minute.

Golden Experience from JOJO

If you use the Golden Experience arrow again, it will turn into a Golden Experience Requiem!

Golden Experience Requiem from JOJO
Golden Experience Requiem from Jojo to Minecraft

With this powerful stand, no one and nothing will be able to get close to you.

JOJO stand capacity

The world can stop for 5 seconds.

The world stopped in Minecraft
The world stopped in Minecraft with the Jojo mod

Star Platinum is also capable of stopping time.

Star Platinum from JOJO

The Hand is able to erase space and objects.

The Hand of Jojo

You can also teleport by sneaking up.

Killer Queen has two types of attack.

Killer Queen from Jojo

Tap on the ground first to create an explosion!

Killer Queen explosive attack

For the next attack, you need to sit down and tap on the ground three times, thanks to which you will summon HEART ATTACK!

Killer Queen heart attack

He will endlessly pursue his target and make explosive attacks until the target is destroyed, and then he will find a new target. It cannot be destroyed by conventional means.

Killer Queen heart attack in Minecraft

If you have little health, you can jump, and Bite The Dust is activated. But we recommend you to think before using because you will be teleported to a random place!

Item Recipes
Do you want to remove your rack and call another one? No problem, just create a special tool for this and use it.

Recipe for destroying the stand

This item is capable of stopping time, but remember that if you use it many times, an error may occur.

Recipe for the time stop item

You can create your own road roller!

Road roller recipe

And you will also be able to use a ROAD ROLLER!

Right-click/tap and hold the screen to use it. The road roller will fall and produce an explosion.

The only boss in this mod is Dio Brando. Dio Brando is a very angry guy with a powerful stand called The World. He knows how to stop time! To fight him, you must find his mansion, which is rarely generated in the world.

Dio Brando Mansion

You can also just create an item to summon Dio and create his mansion!

Crafting Dio Brando's Summoning Eggs

Dio is really hard to destroy. He will use his powerful stand to attack you with deadly attacks.

Dio Brando boss fight

He can stop time for 5-9 seconds, use his stance to hit you, summon avengers who will attack you, create explosions, and can also create a road roller.

In these seconds, you'd better think about how to survive his attack, since there's NOTHING you can do.

Dio Brando attacks the player

If you are brave and experienced enough to defeat Dio, you will get a lot of valuable things and his skull!

Dio Brando drop items

There is an Easter egg in Dio's mansion, find it yourself!

Last update: August 27, 2021.
What's new?
  • This update adds stands from the "Steel Ball Race"
  • Added a stand from the sixth part
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod JOJO Bizarre Adventure (.mcaddon)
[5.74 Mb] downloads: 13909
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