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Mod: New Adventure Plus
10-02-2022, 23:31 78 983
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Mod: New Adventure Plus

New adventures are waiting for you in Minecraft PE! New mobs, food, features, updating old concepts, ideas and myths, rare mobs and much more in the new mod called New Adventure Plus!

Monster of Caves Depths

It appears deep underground in water caves. It is dangerous for miners who do not expect its vile deadly language. This is an analogue of the creature from the Minecon 2017.

Mod: New Adventure Plus


All over the world, you can now find the graves of long-dead miners, farmers and warriors. Maybe you can find something there.

Tombstone in Minecraft

Brown spider
Appears in caves. Powerful attacks with the effect of desiccation. At death, it sheds a special eye.


Sometimes it can be found in the waters.

Basalt worm
This mob is one of the first strider concepts (textures will be redesigned).

Beach crab

He appears in rivers, oceans and drops a claw with meat. Propagated by algae. And a beach crab can wear a nautilus shell on its back. There is also a crab mushroom. It is assumed that these crabs started eating mushrooms, as a result of which he became mushroom carriers.
It is propagated by algae and red mushrooms (that is, they have completely become herbivorous).


The beach has also been updated a little, they have become even more beachy! Now you can find palm trees and shells along the shore. And coconuts grow on palm trees…

White Enderman

Appears in the Nether, in the biome of the Warped Forest! Appears very rarely, has a trophy. Created because of a myth that originated in Minecraft 1.8.

Ender Phantom

Adds a version of the phantoms from the End to your chosen worlds. The texture of the mob is based on the texture from the snapshot 18w07a. An alternative name is Endermare. They spawns in the End. This mob will effortlessly throw you off floating islands. Thanks to the large number, they will often infuriate you.

To survive, create a bow, armor and arrows. In the End dimension, you can often find their nests, phantoms do not care about their offspring…

Brute Enderman

It is found in the World of the Deep End, appears very, very rarely, has a trophy.

Red Phantom

Added a new red phantom from the concept shown by Mojang.

Drowned Skeleton

A new version of the Skeleton from the depths of rivers and seas.

Chorus Stew

It is created from three fruits of horus and a bowl:

New frames

Added 16 new colors for frames and several frames with YouTubers.

New balls

They are created from wool (of any color), a phantom membrane and a leash.

Ice bomb

It is created from 4 blocks of ice and snow.


New flower, you can use it to paint things and cook soup. There are rumors that there is a blue kind of this flower. I wonder why the rose turned out to be blue…

cactus flower

New flowers growing on cacti in deserts, dyes and soup can be obtained from them.

Wasteland Towers

A rare structure in the wasteland. Locals say that some treasures were hidden there, but the authors found only one chest.…

Recycling of iron objects

If you have an iron object that is not useful, then melt it into an iron nugget.

Piglin Boiler

You can get the item using the command /give @s guardian:mini_cauldron.

Sweet cookies

It is created from sweet berries and 2 wheat.

Taiga bear

Strong, protects all his loved ones

Copper armor

Made of dense pieces of copper. Copper armor becomes more and more oxidized during creation — a difficult job. It's about the same quality as iron, but not as strong…

And now you can make skin out of rotten flesh


The hunger item can now be obtained in creative mode. Then you can switch back to survival mode, eat hunger and… you'll get hungry!


This mob appears in lush caves.

Mob firefly

Important: when editing the world, you need to enable the following settings.

Last update: February 10, 2022.
What's new?
  • Fixed bugs
  • Some blocks have been removed
  • Algae added
  • Updated structures

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    А можно не скачивать zip ?
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    Я бы скачал мод но у меня арахнофобия даже в игре она и я сразу бросаю телефон когда вижу больших пауков в играх
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      Просто надо переименовать .zip на .mcaddon
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    Мод как будто на еду ведь не было некоторых предметов больше еды и мобов но всё равно прикольно 4\5 (потому что не всё) :)))
  6. Аватарка гостя
    Ня Я просто так говорю
    Ледяная бомба и шарик есть в образовательном режиме
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    А ЗИП тоже нужно скачивать у меня почему-то не работает
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      Вроде не нужно
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      Нет что-то одно скачуй
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    Это супер мод. Я играл с ним и он мне зашёл.
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      А на какой версии работает?
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    Почему краб красный а не зелёный сдесь?
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      И ещо там написано то что в реках сравнится почему???
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        Нет вот досада он спавнится в пустыном храме
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    гык тебе
    скажу честно зачем надо было добавить крафт ледяной бомбы и шарика если их с помощью химии создать можно лучше бы зделали крафты всех химических столов
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