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Mod: Pirahna Add-On
15-06-2021, 18:08 2 935
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Mod: Pirahna Add-On

Are you ready for summer? I bought new swimming trunks, called my friends and called for the cast, spread out a blanket and already relaxed… But suddenly you are attacked by a group of predatory fish — your vacation turned into a bloody massacre. Of course, the piranhas in this mod for Minecraft Bedrock are not so aggressive, but please don't hit them, they have teeth!

Piranhas in the waters of Minecraft

Piranhas are found in different sizes. They have detailed models and stunning textures. Very rarely, piranhas can be found in jungle rivers, where they will just swim like an ordinary fish.

If they catch something (besides other fish and players) — they will start biting and eating them! One piranha is not so strong, but a group can kill even a Ravager! They won't attack the players because you're not on their menu, but as already mentioned, don't attack them! If they are in a pack, they will not attack, but they can bite hard.

Piranha Attack in Minecraft PE
Piranhas attack a fox in Minecraft
Piranhas eat in Minecraft
A flock of piranhas in Minecraft

If you are lucky, you can find a piranha with a brown belly (most piranhas are red). She will avoid other piranhas and will not attack other mobs, and also, if you hit her, she will float away! But this is not the end!

Mod: Pirahna Add-On

They can be tamed — to tame piranhas, use any kind of meat, except fish and cooked fish. After taming, the piranha will follow you anywhere in the water. It will also protect you from hostile mobs.

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    Пираньи любопытные, их привлекает кровь, можно было сделать, чтобы они нападали на игрока, когда он находится в воде с неполным здоровьем, чем ниже здоровье, тем они агрессивнее, а так классно)
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