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Mod: More Natural Armors
12-05-2021, 21:32 4 916
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Mod: More Natural Armors

With this addon in Minecraft PE 5 new types of armor made of materials that have practically no use in the Minecraft world, such as rotten flesh or nautilus shell, will be added!

Let's start with the first armor that will be added to the game - Bone Armor.

Bone armor

Bone armor is one of the most resistant in the addon, as it has characteristics similar to iron armor! The most outstanding feature of this armor is undoubtedly its helmet, and not only because of the effect it creates, but also because of the most eccentric design!

Mod: More Natural Armors

The ability that the bone helmet gives us is Resistance, which is aimed at reducing damage from enemy mobs, which makes this armor even more stable.

Rotten flesh armor

This armor is one of the most special because it completely reflects the idea of creating this add-on, the purpose of which was to give a clear purpose to vanilla Minecraft items that don't have one. Rotten flesh has no use in ordinary survival, and with the supplement, you will definitely find the use of rotten flesh!

The effect that the helmet of this armor gives you is the Night Vision effect.

Nautilus shell armor

Traveling through the world of survival in Minecraft PE, you have to fight with many creatures, including underwater inhabitants. So, by killing drowned people, you can collect a bunch of Nautilus Shells, the use of which is very limited. Together with the addition, you will have at least some sense to kill drowned people and extract shells because with their help, you can create a unique armor for yourself!

The effect applied when wearing the kit - Underwater breathing. Apart from this effect, you will have a Drag effect like Bone armor.

Seedling armor

This armor will be your great ally at the beginning of the survival game because getting it is basic. It is made only from an oak sapling. That's right, the original seedling that you'll find on the most common tree in the game. Due to the fairly simple crafting and the necessary materials to create, crafting this armor can be set as the first goal at the beginning of your survival. BUT! That's not all, don't forget about the effects on each set of armor!

After viewing the picture, you have not yet guessed what are the advantages of this armor? The answer is Invisibility II. A great boost to start the game, so as not to die quickly from enemy mobs on the first night!

Rabbit armor

For crafting, it is enough to use a Rabbit skin, which will not be difficult to find even at the beginning of the game.

What other effect can Rabbit Armor give, apart from Super jump!

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  1. Аватарка гостя
    Vadim Mynov
    Почему когда надеваю броню у меня не появляются эффекты
    P.s если что играю я на андроиде майнкрафт ПЕ версии
  2. Аватарка гостя
    Vadim Mynov
    Кстати если что играю я с андроида
  3. Аватарка гостя
    Vadim Mynov
    А почему когда я одеваю полный сет брони ну пусть будет костяная, у меня не появляюься эффекты хотя должны были.
  4. Аватарка гостя
    Добавьте еще деревянную и каменную пж
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