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Mod: Working TV
29-04-2021, 20:28 44 150
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Mod: Working TV

With a working TV, life in Minecraft will become more fun! Install a massive TV with various channels and smooth graphics in your home to relax a little after a hard day at MCPE!

Modern buildings need modern decor solutions! If you have built a beautiful house in the world of Minecraft, but there is something missing in it, then try installing a working TV with 4 channels, a smooth picture and just a huge screen diagonal.

Turning on/off and switching TV channels occurs by simply interacting with it.

Mod: Working TV

TV Crafting Recipe:

Be sure to enable the Holiday Creator Features and Additional Modding Features in the settings of the Minecraft PE world!

Last update: v1.0.1 (April 29, 2021)
What's new?
  • Added 3 new channels;
  • Improved channel 2 and 3;
  • New features.
Last version: v1.0.1
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Working TV v1.0.1 (.mcaddon)

[5.49 Mb] downloads: 12445

Supported versions
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    Охотник на модификации
    Вау! Всё работает! Я играю на 1.17 и это телевизору не помеха!
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