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Mod: Pandora's Box
22-01-2021, 15:15 3 703
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Mod: Pandora's Box

Mod Pandora's Box is inspired by the story of Pandora's box, which, according to legends, will guard all evil in the world. The addon is similar to Lucky Blocks type addons, but with a greater emphasis on changing the world MCPE and killing the player.


To get Pandora's box, you need to use the command - '/give @p add:pandora_box'.

Pandora's Box can reproduce up to 30 different events, such as the unexpected appearance of a Desiccant.

Mod: Pandora's Box

Other examples:
  • When destroyed, the End Dragon summons;
  • When destroyed, 10+ zombies spawn;
  • When destroyed, it gives 64 cakes;
  • When destroyed, causes several TNT, which explode after 2 seconds.;
  • When destroyed, it sets fire to the earth around, turning it into the sand of souls.
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Pandora's Box (.mcaddon)

[29.45 Kb] downloads: 452
Supported versions
1.16.210 beta
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