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Mod: Screenfy’s Furniture Pack
3-06-2021, 15:39 27 185
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Mod: Screenfy’s Furniture Pack

Together with the Screenfy's Furniture Pack mod, 20 new decorative blocks will appear in Minecraft PE, which you can use as furniture to create an interior in your house!


This grill will allow you to cook food without using a stove and a campfire! Just right-click (or click on the button on the mobile device screen) with any raw food in your hand on the grill to cook it!

Mod: Screenfy’s Furniture Pack

Picnic table

Up to four players can sit at this table at the same time and it is great for outdoor use.

Picnic table with umbrella

This version of the table differs only in the presence of an umbrella.


A simple sofa that can be used to create a living room accommodates up to two players. At the moment, only one sofa color is available.

Game set

The game set includes a gaming table, a system unit with AMD Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 3090 and 32GB of RAM, a 144 Hz monitor, so you can create your own game room!

Gaming chair

A realistic gaming chair that you can sit on, and it can also be moved.


A simple box with inventory.

Bedside table

The bedside table can be used together with a digital clock, and it also has inventory!

Digital clock

Despite the fact that the digital clock is static, however, you can place it almost anywhere.


The stove can be used to cook food. Right-click (or on the button on mobile devices) to cook food.


It has an inventory for storing food.

Microwave oven

The microwave can be used for cooking food, works the same way as with a stove and grill.

Dining table

Up to four players can sit at the dining table at the same time.

Dining chair

Created specifically for the dining table.


A simple sink that has inventory.

Toilet bowl


Trash can

The trash can has an inventory in which you can store unnecessary resources.

Ceiling fan

The ceiling fan has a rotation animation.


A beautiful lamp that will perfectly fit into the living room.

Usage examples.

Last update: v1.1.6 (June 3, 2021)
What's new?
  • The textures of the computer and TV display have been changed;
  • The textures of the refrigerator and microwave oven have been changed;
  • Added a dumpster;
  • Updated item textures for optimization and a more user-friendly look;
  • Fixed several issues found in the latest update.

Supported versions
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