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HIDWOODS is an addon that will completely change the World in Minecraft PE into a whole new dimension, including customizable biomes, mobs, blocks, items and other features.

For the mod to work, you need to activate Experimental gameplay in editing the world.


Basically, in this new environment, you will appear next to the landing capsule and meet various hostile and peaceful creatures scattered across different biomes.

  • A whole new world
  • Customizable generation
  • Various terrestrial and aquatic creatures
  • New blocks
  • New items
  • Structures
  • New game mechanics.

Customizable world generation

The generation of the world consists of new biomes:
  • Hidwoods Forest, mainly consisting of Tsepri trees, a large type of tree with blue leaves. This is the most common biome. Large sandy areas are usually found around this biome;
  • Derosa forest, consisting of Derosa trees. This biome is quite rare;
  • Khodren Lands, a biome consisting of khodren grass and dried mud;
  • Mirik forest, a biome commonly found near plains or forests. This biome consists of mud and water. Here you can find Myrick trees;
  • Plains very similar to the vanilla biome;
  • Desert spikes consisting of sand, dried mud and terracotta. Plains of sand and grass are often formed nearby.


Most of the creatures are terrestrial creatures that can be found on the surface day or night.

The natural spawn of vanilla entities is disabled, although they can be found in villages or spawns of mobs.

Phy, also called Phy the bot or Phybot, is a small flying robot that the player can tame with batteries. Tamed, this little robot follows the player and helps him in battles.


This entity is found everywhere on the surface, be careful!


These are the villagers who meet in the villages. They have something to sell for you.

Secretive plant




The most common form of Midlin is the humanoid depicted in the picture, however, there are small and tiny Midlins. Another version of Midlin is Midorok Boss.





Blocks and items

More than 100 new blocks have been added, many of them decorative.

This addon adds many new items such as food, ores, swords and more.

Blocks and items are still experimental gameplay features and are likely to change, so we will not describe each block and addon elements here.


An in-game guide with a description of all entities, crafts and important game functions is available at any time.

Screenshots from the game:

Natural generation of a large structure, but what's inside?

Dangerous caves full of useful resources!

Flight to Doko!

Some furniture and decorative blocks.

Solar panel and 2 chargers.

Installing the Hidwoods mod (.mcaddon):

  • Download the mod file marked .mcaddon from the link below.
  • Just open the file (via ES Explorer on Android) and the game will install everything you need by itself.
  • Launch Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  • Select Texture sets.
  • Find the texture pack and activate it.
  • Select Parameter sets.
  • Find the add-on and activate it.
  • The mod is installed, have a nice game!
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Hidwoods (.mcaddon)

[46.31 Mb] downloads: 8534
Supported versions
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    мод очень много весит и не поддерживается на моем телефоне
  2. Киберешка
    Мод очень прикольный, во 1 всё заменяеться (ну всё новое не совсем) 2 новые мобы (даже один необъяснимый спауниться восновном в краю) 3 прикольная механика
    Недостатки не всегда спауняться руды, жука надо пофиксить, и зачем всякие детали от корабля?
  3. Андрей
    Топ,перед тем как закончить играть с этим модом кончил более 5 раз от ахуености этого мода)
  4. Биба
    Мод классный но для меня он сложноватый а так всё норм работает советую всем качать :3
  5. Азим
    Крутой мод мой телефон Redmi 9C и хорошо тянет без лагов!Крутой мод но хотел сохранить и выйти что то внизу не могу датенутся исправьте это!
    1. :D
      Тоже самое
      Я решаю эту проблему перезаходя в Майнкрафт(только сохраняется но меню паузы такое же) правда этот способ немного затратный(могут не сохраниться последние действия в мире
      Тоже жду исправления
  6. Никита
    Вопрос почему рада новая не спавница
  7. Михаил Мастеров
    Крутой хоть и лагучий мод он берет майнкрафт и превращает в удмвительный не ищучиный новый мир.
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