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Mod: Peaceful Farm
3-07-2022, 23:45 38 010
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Mod: Peaceful Farm

Mod Peaceful Farm adds new features for farms in Minecraft. Its theme is "Peaceful Farm". It will contain many things, such as new mobs, blocks, items, even new gameplay and structures.

Horse riding for 2 players

Imagine riding the same horse with your friend. Now you can do it.

New chicken options

There are 4 new variants of chickens: white, brown, gray, and black. Adult chickens will scratch the ground someday, it will make them livelier.

New chickens


The new ducks have a smooth swimming animation. Sometimes they will even peck their body. You can find them in the dark forest.



There are three breeds of dogs: shepherd, retriever and husky, while each type has 2 options. You can find a sheepdog or retriever in a forest with a normal temperature, and a sheepdog or husky in cold biomes.


Lupin stones and flowers

Some stones will decorate the surface of your world. Stones will make your world a better place. There will also be new flowers — Lupin. It has 4 options (blue, red, pink, and yellow).

You can find it in any forest with normal temperature or in a flower forest.

Flowers and stones
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Peaceful Farm (.mcaddon)

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