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18:45, 12 Jun 2024 5 704

The Minecraft Beta and Preview update. This week we got 6 small changes and over 10 bug fixes. More details below and on the developers website.


  • Copper Doors now follow the intended design of only dropping when mined with a Stone Pickaxe or better.
  • Doors no longer drop when top block is mined in Creative mode.
  • Added break, fall, hit, jump, land, place, and step sounds for the Mob Spawner block.
  • Added a Max Height parameter to the /spreadplayers command, which allows you to specify a maximum height that the spreading is done underneath.
  • Wolves, Bears, and Pandas will panic and try to avoid danger when damaged by environmental sources, eg: fire, lava, freezing.
  • Wind charges used by the player aimed straight down now knock the player upward ~6 blocks instead of ~2.5.


  • Smooth Quartz Slab’s texture is back to normal.
  • Fixed the message that appears when using the ‘Copy Coordinates’ feature to copy player coordinates to the clipboard.
  • Fixed a bug where the /spreadplayers command could result in the target being teleported one block below the intended location.
  • Wind charges now work the same on all terrain.
  • Crouching no longer affects wind charge knockback / jump amount.
  • Wind charges used by the player aimed straight down now knock the player upward ~6 blocks instead of ~2.5.
  • Latency related fall damage when using a Wind Charge will occur less often.
  • The launch position of the Wind Charge has been adjusted so it no longer fires too far from the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the unread badge for the Realms Stories button on the Pause Screen did not update.
  • Safe Zone Screen position now saves properly on closing the menu.
  • Safe Zone Screen text no longer is obscured when you hover over it.
  • Safe Zone Screen sliders now properly save even when the value is changed by just 0.1.

  • Safe Zone Screen Position sliders now properly reset and rescale based on the Scale sliders.
  • Safe Zone Screen no longer errors on IOS when set to minimum values.
  • Fixed tags showing up vertically in Marketplace item descriptions.
  • Fixed missing texture in My Content section of Marketplace.
  • Game tips now appear and disappear from the screen with “fade-in” and “fade-out” animations.
  • Replaced Marketplace Pass gradient with solid gray to improve readability.

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