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18:43, 29 May 2024 4 444

The Minecraft Beta and Preview update. The developers continue to make various changes and fix bugs. Details below and on the developers' website.


  • Updated the Dressing Room category names for "Headwear", "Outerwear", and "Footwear".
  • The control customization screen is now automatically exited when input mode is switched to something other than touch controls.
  • Added chat game tip. The tip appears when there are remote players in a world or if cheats are enabled.
  • Tweaked the way the dismount position is calculated to better align with moving vehicles. This could result in minor differences when dismounting fast vehicles.
  • Added animated title to the loading tips dialog.
  • Refreshed assets for Achievements screen: all achievements unlocked illustration, no achievement unlocked illustration, and the GamerScore icon.
  • Added a button for exiting the world from the death screen when in Hardcore mode (Preview only).

Changes in Minecraft


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing Realms Stories on a busy Realm.
  • Customized controls no longer revert after player stops flight.
  • The control customization screen is now automatically exited when input mode is switched to something other than touch controls.
  • The paper doll can now be shown in the HUD when customizable controls is enabled.
  • Customized control button sizes remain stable when going up or down Scaffolding or Ladders.
  • Fixed Wolf Armor breaking not emitting enough Scute particles.
  • Mounted entities are no longer immune to Wind Charge projectile damage.
  • Banners are once again obtainable via the recipe book.
  • Typing into the search box on the Realms Stories Members tab no longer overrides the filter options.
  • Fixed item and block corruption when converting worlds from legacy Console Edition.
  • Fixed the Help button link in the Structure Block’s menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused half-absorption hearts not be rendered.

Fixes in Minecraft

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