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The Minecraft Beta and Preview have been updated. This update includes the addition of Armadillo mob and Wolf Armor, as well as various changes and bug fixes. For more information, please refer to the article below or visit the developers' website.

Experimental Features

  • Added the Armadillo
  • Added the Armadillo Scutes
  • Added the Wolf Armor
  • Added a new command that will hide and reset HUD elements visibility.
    • /hud hide <hud element>
    • /hud reset <hud element>
  • Exposed, Weathered, and Oxidized Copper Bulbs in Trial Chambers are now waxed
  • Trial Spawner randomizes the loot table only once each combat, for all players
  • Fixed an issue with Waxed Copper Grate transparency
  • Breeze wind and wind charge rendering have been tweaked

Experimens in Minecraft


  • Added the Armadillo
  • The Armadillo is a neutral mob
  • Drops Armadillo Scutes periodically
  • Drops Armadillo Scutes when brushed
  • Spawns in Savannas
  • Favorite food is Spider Eyes
  • When an Armadillo detects a threat, it rolls up
    • Threats are:
      • Players who are sprinting
      • Players on a mount or in a vehicle
      • Undead mobs
  • It does not roll up if it is fleeing, in water, in the air, or if being led
  • When an Armadillo is rolled up it does not walk, cannot eat, and will not be tempted by food
  • It continues to scan for threats, and if there are no threats detected for 3 seconds, it will unroll

Armadillo mob description

Armadillo Scutes

  • Can be used to craft Wolf Armor
  • Dropped by Armadillos
  • Dispensers can be used to brush Armadillo Scutes off Armadillos

Armadillo Scute description

Wolf Armor

  • Using Wolf Armor on an adult tamed Wolf will equip the armor on the Wolf
  • Only a Wolf's owner can put Wolf Armor on their tamed Wolf, and with this in mind, Dispensers cannot put Wolf Armor on Wolves
  • Using Shears on a Wolf that is wearing armor will make it drop the armor
  • Only a Wolf's owner can shear a Wolf Armor from it, and with this in mind, Dispensers cannot remove Wolf Armor from Wolves
  • Wolf Armor gives the same protection as Diamond Horse Armor
  • If a Wolf dies while wearing armor, it will drop the armor

Wolf armor in Minecraft


  • Added 4k resolution support for Xbox Series consoles
  • The friends drawer in the new Play screen now allows joining a friend’s world with a join button
  • Updated Edit World Screen
  • Added Realms Stories

Changes in Minecraft


  • Fixed a crash occurrence when switching between dimensions frequently
  • Fixed certain cases that caused players to take unexpected fall damage when performing interactions at specific heights like 62
  • Reintroduced a fix for players sometimes taking unexpected fall damage while building blocks while standing on them
  • Fixed some cases where players could take unexpected fall damage near ledges that they were visibly not falling off of
  • Fixed an issue where mobs, such as Zombies, were unable to pick up full stacks of items from the ground

Fixes in Minecraft

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