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11-10-2023, 18:37 23 842
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A new Minecraft Beta and Preview has been released. This week, the developers have done a lot of work and added new features to the Decorated Pots, made various changes and fixed bugs.


  • Realms works in beta-test
  • Decorated Pots
    • Decorated Pots now store up to a single stack of items 
    • Hoppers, Hopper Minecarts, and Droppers can now insert and/or extract items from Decorated Pots
    • Comparators can now read the number of items in Decorated Pots
    • Players can interact with Decorated Pots to insert items into them
    • Decorated Pots have no user interface and need to be broken to retrieve or discover their content
    • Player interactions with Decorated Pots cause Decorated Pots to wobble and emit a vibration of frequency 11
    • Decorated Pots can be smashed by projectiles, which cause them to shatter and drop their content
    • Increased the maximum stack size of identical Decorated Pots to 64 
  • Armor Trims can now be applied to custom armor
  • Phantoms will no longer miss players who are gliding
  • Decreased the likelihood of players spawning above leaves
  • Witches spawned via spawn eggs now join raids and throw potions at raiders
  • Raid mobs can now join existing raids
  • Players can now download worlds larger than 1GB from Realms on Xbox
  • Removed the Preview only experimental toggle for vsync. Players should use the improved input latency mode in the video settings for more responsive input. Vsync can still be disabled via pre-existing methods
  • Touch input used for the leave boat button no longer continues to register input
  • Added a game rule to turn off recipe unlocking messages 
  • The search bar inside of the inventory is now aligned with the rest of the UI
  • The Xbox On-Screen Keyboard now moves to a different position if it's in front of the text user is inputting
  • Updated death message when killed by a Bed explosion in the Nether

Changes in Minecraft

Java Parity

  • Vindicators and Evokers can no longer be spawned in a Peaceful world

Java Parity in Minecraf

  • (Experimental) Fixed an issue where experimental Librarians never sold the highest level of their common enchantments
  • Fixed tips display for custom vehicles from Marketplace packs when using touch controls with a joystick
  • Fixed grammatical error in Magma death message
  • Recipe unlocking notifications no longer speed up when unlocking a lot of items

Fixes in Minecraft

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