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18:33, 17 Aug 2023 13 511
The developers have released a new version of Minecraft Beta and Preview The new interface of the Play Screen has become available to all players, bugs have been fixed

Updated Play Screen
  • The Play screen is being updated with improved navigation, responsive worlds components, and a new look and feel
  • The Friends tab and Realms tab are now separated, for clearer feature separation
  • The Create New World flow and Create From Template flow are also separated for a clearer path into the game

  • Changed "recipes unlock" game rule to be enabled by default. This means that recipe unlocking will be enabled by default when creating a new world but it can still be toggled off in the Advanced Settings. Existing worlds are not affected by this change
  • Crossbow loses durability when shooting, not when draw
  • "stained_hardened_clay" block is now split into unique instances, namely "white_terracotta", "orange_terracotta" and etc
  • Text-to-speech narrator will now read out the instruction text as well as the confirm button in the Safe Area menu
  • Caret can be re-positioned in textfield by taps or mouse clicks
  • The “Pause menu” has been renamed to “Game menu” in the user interface

Minecraft changes

  • Fixed a Bedrock Dedicated Servers memory leak while loading chunks
  • Hanging Signs placed with commands now have the proper hitbox
  • Third person camera no longer phases through the lower part of Composter
  • Calibrated Sculk Sensor's amethyst crystal now lights up alongside the rest of the block during its active phase
  • Blocks that had an alias prior to being flattened can now be properly referenced in commands

Minecraft fixes

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    18:54 3 Oct 23
    блин обичний апк не устанавлюется поетом качаю клон апк
  2. Аватарка гостя
    4:17 24 Aug 23
    Слишком долго скачивается... Пишут осталось 1 день!
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    Нету миров
    15:12 22 Aug 23
    Миры только на превью Майнкрафт админ помоги может на бете тоже есть?
  4. Аватарка гостя
    18:14 20 Aug 23
    Admin! Зачем ты не давал зайти на сайт! Примерно через 30 мин. Все успешно! Что ты делал с сайтом?
    1. Аватарка Admin
      21:15 20 Aug 23
      Были проведены технические работы по улучшению работы сайта, просим прощения :)
  5. Аватарка гостя
    7:44 19 Aug 23
    Верните бесплатные скины
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