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In Minecraft 1.20.20, developers not only fixed old bugs, but also improved parity with Java Edition. The update also includes various technical changes that are useful for the creators of addons and maps.

Recipe Unlocking
  • Command line auto-complete has been added for recipe unlocking. Useful when you want to see what recipes you can unlock
  • You’ll get a confirmations message when unlocking recipes with a command
  • The duration of recipe notifications is now calculated based on how many recipes got unlocked

  • Suspicious Stew no longer shows up in the Creative inventory (a recent unintended change caused it to appear there)
  • Changed Joystick Visibility option to a dropdown menu
  • Changed Sneak option to a dropdown menu
  • Moved "Sync Old Worlds" button to the Settings/Storage screen
  • Improved mouse input to be more responsive when used on Xbox

Changes in Minecraft

  • Updated the camera interpolation rate when crawling to match Java Edition
  • The order of command inputs was changed to be the same as on Java Edition
  • Falling blocks will now break when falling onto a boat
  • Wandering Trader now also trades Cherry Saplings

  • Fixed a crash when entering a world with a corrupted saved chunk
  • Falling blocks will now break when falling onto a boat
  • Wandering Trader now also trades Cherry Saplings
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to crawl under Slabs when standing on Top Snow
  • Fixed an issue with gliding with Elytra and switching to Creative flight
  • Villagers killed by players no longer drop items held in their hands
  • Zombified Villagers now show correct professions when infected
  • Missing Thorns damage sound has been added, and is played when appropriat
  • Anvils now emit the proper sounds when broken, stepped on, fallen onto, etc
  • Skeletons and Drowned now play sounds when firing Arrows and Tridents, respectively
  • Trident Channeling sound is now played when entities are hit
  • Empty Maps now emit the appropriate sound when players draw them
  • Nether Portals now emit the Glass breaking sound when their Obsidian frame is broken
  • Loyalty Tridents returning to players now play their sound at the player's position
  • Big Dripleaf Blocks now play the correct sound when their tilt is reset
  • Conduits now play their deactivation sound when deactivated
  • Respawn Anchor Blocks now correctly play their ambient sounds

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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