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Map: PL City
29-08-2023, 11:01 20 419
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Map: PL City

There are many mini-games created on this map. This is a great opportunity to spend a fun and interesting time with your friends. Many mini-games require at least two players to run.

Building of the map began in 2017-2018 and the map is still in development. Among the mini-games there are many famous ones, as well as some authorship of the creator of this map.


In the mini-games hub, players choose mini-games to play on them.

Hub on the Pl City map


You can also visit the big city. There are many interesting buildings here!

Screenshot of the city

Streets and roads

Houses and streets


  • Hide and seek
    • One of the players is assigned water and searches for other players until time runs out (3 locations are available).
  • Races
    • Each player gets a boat and must make a certain number of circles on the ice on it (4 locations available).
  • The right tool
    • You need to dig down by choosing the right tool for a particular block.
  • Running in the dark
    • You need to go down to the lowest floor by falling into holes in the floor. Each player has a blindness effect.
  • Parkour
    • It's already clear here (5 locations are available, from simple to complex).
  • Droper
    • You need to fall to the very bottom and get into a block with water (3 locations are available, from simple to complex).
  • Colour run
    • Or block party. You need to stand on a block of a certain color until the floor disappears
  • Sky wars
    • The battle of players on floating pieces of land in the air.
  • Sky block
    • Survival on a small piece of land floating in the air.
  • Running
    • Everyone gets a super speed effect and must reach the finish line first.
  • TNT wars
    • The players are divided into two teams. And everyone gets dynamite. When the player puts dynamite on the ground and attaches to it, a cannon will appear in place of the block. The goal is to knock the opponents off their platform.
  • Traffic light
    • When the red light is on, stop, when the green light is on, go. We need to get to the finish line.
  • Blindman
    • One of the players gets a blindness effect and a special compass that points at other players. He is also very fast and strong, which will help catch up with the others until the timer runs out.
  • The guard and the prisoners
    • One of the players is placed in the center of the map between the other players and the golden plate. His goal is to prevent the others from reaching the goal, with the help of a trident. Other players must overcome parkour and the guardian to stand on the golden plate.
  • Catch-up
    • While the time has not expired, the hunter must catch up with the others (5 locations are available)
  • Pinball
    • Use arrows, a bow and a trident to kill opponents and stay whole yourself. (6 locations available)
  • TNT run
    • The blocks under you disappear and your goal is to stay at the top as long as possible.
  • Super PVP
    • Each player chooses their character with special abilities. After that, the location is selected. And may the strongest (more than 10 locations are available).
  • The King of the mountain wins
    • You need to get to the top of the mountain and collect the experience that is only at the top. Along the way, throwing off the rest.
  • Bouncers
    • One of the players gets speed and has to dodge the arrows of everyone else.
  • Pig fishing
    • You need to catch as many pigs as possible with a fishing rod in your basket before the time runs out.
  • Brave wars
    • PVP on elites with fireworks on locations like sky wars.
  • TNT tag
    • One of the players receives a hot potato and must pass it to the other before the time runs out.
    • The players are divided into two teams. Each team gets 12 gold blocks and has to hide them. They switch places on the field and start looking for enemy blocks. The winner is the one who found the most blocks.
  • Spliff
    • Break the block of snow under the opponent so that he falls down.
  • Slot machine hall
    • Several mini-mini-games. By type, press the button in time, hit the target with a bow and catch a fish while there is time.
  • Zombie arena
    • Survive all the waves of zombies, simultaneously buying weapons, armor and food.
  • The right way
    • Between two plates, choose the one that won't break (like a squid game).

Screenshot from the map

Location with control buttons

The starting room in the mini-game

Ice Biome Racing

Dirt and dynamite blocks

Sakura and the Tower

Level with houses

Last updated: August 29, 2023

What's new?

There are 2 new mini-games on the map and 4 new locations in the old mini-games.

  • New games:
    • Battle of the builders. Each player builds a structure set by the game before the timer ends. After all the players evaluate each other's buildings and the most beautiful wins.
    • Bridges. There are two platforms with a ring. There is a bridge between them. It is necessary to remove the opponent from the ring. Players can build, hit with a sword and shoot with an arrow.
  • New locations:
    • The VILLAGE in the game Gold Diggers
    • RADIOACTIVE WASTELAND in the Paintball game
    • CHINA in the Super PVP game
    • ICE AND FLAME in the Race game
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download PL City map (.mcworld)
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